Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our Story

"Today is not going well.  She is refusing to do anything that I ask and to tell you the truth I am beginning to not care.  I can't imagine that every child is this hard.  I'm trying to separate the feelings of anger toward her behavior from my feelings toward her, but to tell you the truth, anger is all I have right now."

Those were my words, written seven years ago in an email to my oldest daughter's caseworker.  Hannah was nine at the time.  Hard to imagine now.  We are no longer those people.  God has been faithful and we have learned so much. If you have ever been through the valleys of adopting an older child, this probably sounds familiar.  So what happened next?  Grace happened.  Love happened.  Family happened.  

I had so much to learn (still do) and in the midst of those hard days, I didn't want to learn it.  Hannah was a hurt kid.  She had been through the hard knocks of life and had come out a tough, seemingly emotionless kid.  She wanted nothing to do with me and there were many days that I felt the same.  But we held on.  We stayed the course and seven years (and 3 kids) later, we are here to tell our story.

Maybe you've considered taking in a child who needs a home.  Maybe you teach and see student after student who needs the stability of someone who loves them and cares enough to help them.  Maybe you were that kid who needed a family to love you.  Whatever brought you to this place, we welcome you.  As we navigate these new blog waters we hope to use the story of our family to inspire you.  It's not always pretty and we certainly haven't arrived yet, but we have weathered some storms.  We have seen some heartache, but we have also seen some amazing transformations, theirs, but mostly mine.

Thank you for stopping by.  We look forward to meeting you.  Make yourself at home.


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