Thursday, April 25, 2013

10-4 Over and Out

My kids love the outdoors.  They find the most creative things to do out there.  They hike through the fields and the woods to get to the creek.  There they catch crawdads and minnows.  Sometimes they take a picnic blanket and a snack.  Sometimes they take the blanket and a book.  Sometimes they ride their bikes.  Other times they hike in their mud boots.  It all depends on their plan for the day.

One thing that always goes with them is their walkie-talkies.  Remember those?  They are still as awesome to a kid as they were to us.  There is still always that one kid who can't coordinate pushing down the button to speak and letting it go to listen (I have one).  There is still a love for the lingo.  After all, who ever said "10-4, over and out" without a smile?

I love that my kids spend so much time outdoors.  I think it's good for kids to explore God's creation.  Ashley loves the flowers.  Every time she will come back with a bouquet of whatever she could find.  Hannah likes the wildlife.  She is the one catching lizards and letting caterpillars crawl up and down her arms.  Amy has spent her life in the city and is still a little uncertain of living things, especially bugs.

We have four walkie-talkies.  Each girl takes one and one stays with me in the house.  It's a glimpse into their world that I would otherwise miss.  I love those things.  They offer me a side line view every time they take off into the woods.  I listen while they pretend to be cops and robbers or archaeologists on a dig site.  Their imaginations wow me.  They use aliases and come up with complex story lines and intricate mysteries.  

Those walkie-talkies also show me how they respond to each other.  Sometimes someone's feelings get hurt.  Maybe they feel left out or didn't want to be the bad guy again.  It's neat to see how her sisters respond.  Mostly there is compassion and cooperation, but sometimes Mom has to push the button to help everyone make better choices.  Not often, but sometimes.

Walkie-talkies have come a long way since my childhood days of exploring.  Remember all the crackling and hissing?  They don't do that near as much as my brother's red Spiderman walkie-talkies did.  Also, the range has improved.  The girls can be a mile a way and still be crystal clear in the house.  I don't think we were able to leave the yard and still hear on Spiderman.

One thing that hasn't changed is the loud, ear-piercing noise they make when you get them too close together and then push the button.  I love to watch the reaction of my kids when I do that.  Yeah, I'm that mom.

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