Monday, April 8, 2013

Around Our Family Table

An awful lot happens around our kitchen table on any given day.  It's here where we share meals, memories and laughter (I tried for an alliteration there but merriment or mirth seemed a little much).  So much of our lives takes place around this table.  

As I sit writing this post at the table, Hannah sits across from me.  She is helping grade math papers.  Earlier we sat and ate dinner here, talking about our upcoming move to the midwest and how different it will be up there.  Schoolwork gets done here.  Countless games of Uno and Apples to Apples have been played here.  Pictures have been colored and shared here.  Homemade pizzas have been made here.  Life happens at this table.

The girls and I have just spent our last holiday in this house.  At the end of May we will be packing up for a move to Ohio.  Texas has been good to me.  It has given me three beautiful girls who are excited to see what the midwest holds for them.  For me it's a little different.  I'm a born and raised midwesterner.  It's more of a homecoming for me.  For the first time my girls will live next to family.  It's something they have been waiting for.

Since they've come, It's always just been us.  Grandma and Grandpa come down every year to visit and we head up there each summer.  My sister's family made the long drive down a few years ago for a vacation.  They've gotten week-long snapshots of my kids, but have never really experienced one from the beginning.  Let me just say, it's an experience to remember!  It will be an adjustment, but one I am looking forward to.

With the move getting nearer we are entering the season of "lasts."  Easter was our last holiday together as just a family of four.  Next year our table will be expanded to include grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and great-grandma.  We will share in old traditions that I haven't been a part of for quite some time now.  And while I will enjoy the fellowship of family at that time, part of me will miss the low-key traditions the girls and I have set for ourselves around this table.  

At this table we dyed Easter eggs, studied the words of Jesus, and ate our Easter ham.  This year Hannah prepared our meal all by herself.  The hours of practice with me in the kitchen had prepared her for that day.  She planned the menu, shopped for the ingredients and baked and cooked her heart out.  As we sat around this table we all agreed, it couldn't have tasted better!

This table has seen a lot of change.  It has been a part of every family decision we've made, every birthday we've celebrated.  Here we would sit as we discussed plans, dreams, and even some tragedies.  Here we meet when all seems right with the world and when all seems lost.  I don't know how everyone will handle the move, myself included.  I just know that in the midst of the good and the hard you will find us here, sharing a meal, laughing through tears and making the most of our time at this table.

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