Monday, April 15, 2013

Right In the Middle of Regular Life

I don't know about other teachers out there, but for me, summer is going to be a welcome sight!  Sometimes at this point in the year I just get tired.  The kids are getting antsy.  The standardized test is in sight.  Teachers are getting a little tense.  What could we possibly do to make this a little more tolerable?  A trip to the beach of course - right in the middle of regular life!

My girls and I took a whirlwind trip this past weekend to Corpus Christi, Texas.  It was a nice break from the routine of life that this time of year brings.  We didn't take a stich of work; no school work, no grading, no computer.  Just me and the three girls with snacks and sunglasses and beach towels.

We had a marvelous time, visiting old friends and soaking in the sun!

It's these moments that make me remember that it's not just me that sometimes needs a break.  Kids have responsibilities that can get overwhelming to them, just as ours can be overwhelming to us.  Maybe it doesn't seem like much, but schoolwork and chores and practices can get to be a lot for a young person.  My girls needed this little break as much as I did.

I'm going to try to remember this as I deal with my students this week.  Maybe I need to stop acting like I'm the only one in the room that feels a sense of responsibility.  My students (at least most of them) probably feel that same weight on their shoulders.  Maybe this week I'll do what I did with my own kids, give them a much needed break.  I won't be able to spare much, but maybe a short outside game or a chance to tell some stories, a little time to put together some puzzles - these things wouldn't take long, but might be a help to a kid feeling a little overwhelmed this week.  

This week feels like a good time to give a little breathing room.  Those tests are coming and there's a lot to get done, but do you think you could find ten minutes?  Maybe, but maybe not.  We can always try again next week!

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Kim Oldenburgh said...

Great post. We are on April vacation this week, and I really needed it! I'm sure my students did, too.

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