Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ashley's Big Day!

Today is Ashley's big day, her 15th birthday!  To celebrate all that Ashley is, I would like to introduce you to the top five favorite things in Ashley's life...

1.  Ashley loves Jesus, wholeheartedly, completely and head over heels.  She has an incredible faith and trusts Him with her day, her life and her future.

2.  Ashley loves her family - giving selflessly to serve us at any time.  Helping sisters finish chores, grading schoolwork, feeding cats, whatever you need, Ashley is willing to do.

3.  Ashley loves crochet, ALOT.  Just ask any friend or family member how they like their scarf.

4.  Ashley loves flowers and gardening.  Working tirelessly all summer and yielding one single flower will still bring a big smile and a year's worth of excitement.

5.  Ashley loves crazy pictures and she's a master of the crazy face.

We don't know where she gets it...

Happy Birthday, Ash!  We love you!!!

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