Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why I Don't Let Them on the Roof

Sometimes I have to make my kids unhappy.  It's part of my job as their mother.  It's hard and there is usually whining involved.  Sometimes I'm the one doing the whining, but that's a whole other story.  

Why do I make my kids unhappy?  Because often their "sounds like a really good idea" ideas are not really good.  They are really bad.  

Ashley trips over something in the house every single day.  I'm not talking about things lying around, I'm talking about the couch that has lived in the same spot since we moved in or the steps on the deck that have always been there.  So when the girls wanted to race from the top of the metal bleachers to the bottom at the track, I stepped in to say that might not be our best idea.  I also nixed the time they wanted to perform a science experiment from the roof.  Sorry ladies.  We have to wait until Ashley's coordination catches up with her height.  

Hannah is a "let's start a project" kind of girl.  Unfortunately she lacks in the "let's finish a project" area.  So when she comes to me with an expensive project proposition, I sometimes have to let her down gently, steering her towards those smaller, more manageable projects to help build up her follow-through skills.

As the girls get older my role is changing.  As they are inching closer and closer to becoming adults, I no longer need to be their decision-maker.  I now need to help them make their own decisions.  It's a necessary change and one that I welcome.  I still step in from time to time to avoid physical harm or financial ruin, but for the most part, they enjoy planning and organizing their days.  

It's a wonderful thing to sit back and see the fruits of your labor.  All those years of teaching and training are paying off.  My job is not done.  There are still times I have to play the "Mom" card, but those times are becoming less and less frequent.  Nowadays, I usually only have to mention that maybe something isn't our best idea or casually throw in another suggestion.  They're smart cookies, they can take a hint.  It's a new and exciting time for us.  I love this teenage season.  They can do so much, but still need a little help from me.

If you're wondering what I'm doing with all my extra time now that those older two are less work for me, never fear.  Remember my third?  Let's just say those years of teaching and training have started over and I'm still in the thick of it.  I just love knowing that one day this season ends and the other one begins.  In the meantime I'm doing my best to keep everyone off the roof... 

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