Monday, June 24, 2013

A Dinner Conversation

I'm sure your family has some deep dinner conversations.  Ours are usually a recap of someone's day or a book they are reading.  Not really deep stuff.  Last night we went to dinner at Frisch's Big Boy.  It's a restaurant that I grew up with and one that the girls have fallen in love with.  I'm glad, because it's a favorite of mine.

Anyway, the restaurant has this written along the ceiling:  "What's Your Favorite Thing?"  I'm sure they are referring to the food, but the girls and I went around the table and answered that question.  And because we're a household of girls, we actually answered it several times using several categories.

In the Frisch's food category:

  • Hannah:  Big Boy sandwich
  • Ashley:  Vegetable Soup
  • Amy:  Kid's Chili Spaghetti
  • Mom:  Big Boy sandwich
In the general life stuff category:
  • Hannah:  Sleeping
  • Ashley:  Crocheting
  • Amy:  Drawing
  • Mom:  My kids
In the dessert category:
  • Hannah:  Jolly Ranchers (Note:  I said this wasn't a dessert, but she swears that's what she'd order if they served it in restaurants.  I may have called her a weirdo.)
  • Ashley:  Cheesecake
  • Amy:  Apple Pie
  • Mom:  Chocolate cake without icing
It was a fun conversation as we all contemplated those things that we enjoy.  Talking during meals is one of the best ways to learn about each other.  It gives little insights into their days, their likes, their dislikes.  This summer let's eat together at the table, ask about each other's favorite things, and thanks, Frisch's Big Boy, for the nice little reminder on the wall.

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