Monday, June 17, 2013

A New Skill

Most of the time when my girls come they haven't experienced some of those great childhood moments yet.  Moments like learning to fish.  Amy tackled this one for the first time in Kentucky this weekend.

My other two are not avid fishermen.  It keeps their attention for an hour or two, tops.  Amy probably could have gone longer this time, but the other two were wanting to pack it in and lunch needed to be made.

In my mind learning to fish is one of those things like learning to ride your bike or learning to bake cookies.  It's a skill.  It's good to know how things work and are made.  It's good to gain new skills.  

It's also good that no one caught anything because, truth be told, we would have just released him back into the lake and I feel sorry for the fish when he gets pulled up out of the water.

Our weekend trip to Kentucky was fun.  Father's Day with my dad was fun too.  I hope you each had a great one as well.

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