Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Quick Update

We've been working, but unpacking takes time.  We've made some progress outside, though.  Last week my dad tackled painting the shutters.  I'm really enjoying the new color.  They've always been green, so the maroon is a nice change.

Ashley and Grandma planted a beautiful flower garden.  Notice the green shutters that are no longer green.

Ashley and Hannah helped spread the mulch.

Hannah helped load brush into the truck after Grandpa trimmed a tree in front.

Amy had cardboard box duty, and there certainly were plenty of those!

We also tackled an enormous deck project, taking the deck from weathered to restored (using an amazing project from Rustoleum called Restore).  I picked the color Navajo Red to match the new shutters and front door paint.



I wish I had a better after picture, but it's been raining ever since we finished it.

We are glad the move is behind us, but we still have a ways to go inside the house.  Funny how all those little things that make up life take time to be cleaned, organized and stored.  Makes me wonder why we have so much in the first place!

One small accomplishment we did make inside just yesterday was finishing up the girl's bathroom.  The floor (which the girls picked out) is so loud, that I thought a white rug and shower curtain were out best bets.

We'll keep chipping away at all that needs to be done.  One day we'll be able to call this move complete.  That's just not today...


Andi said...

I just moved a couple of weeks ago so I completely understand! Why, oh why, do I have so much junk???

A House Called Home said...

Andrea -
The stuff is absolutely overwhelming! My next goal should be simplicity!
- Jennie

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