Friday, June 14, 2013

And Amy Makes Three

Amy took by far the longest to make it to our door.  In February of 2011 we signed back up for the adoption ride.  We had a couple hiccups along the way this time.  For the first time we visited with one little girl who did not get matched to us.  That had never happened before.  The only two kids I had ever met in the world of adoption were now living in my house.  This third meeting threw us off a bit.

We also moved during the process.  That meant a new environmental inspection and a new fire inspection, plus all the work of the actual move.  That slowed us up some as well.  

We heard Amy's name for the first time the week after Thanksgiving in 2011.  We met her March 2, 2012, almost three and a half months later.  It would be another ten weeks before she moved into our home.

Every kid is different and every case worker is different.  I'm not sure why this one took longer, but in the end the timelines really don't matter much.  What matters is that they finally make it to us!

For nine weeks after the initial meeting with Amy, the two older girls and I spent every Saturday morning driving an hour and a half one way into Houston to pick her up and then driving home.  Sunday nights we would do it all over again.  It was a long nine weeks.  Finally on April 30, 2012 those crazy weekend visits came to an end and she was placed permanently in our home. 

So from the first time I heard Amy's name in November to the day that she moved in, five and a half months had passed.  Longer than the two months for both Hannah and Ashley.  From the time we signed up for Amy until the time she moved in, 14 months had passed.  Again, longer than the two months for Hannah and ten months for Ashley.  At the time it felt like an eternity, (even Hannah's two months) but now, as we look back, it really happened fast.  Now that we're seven years in, those days seem long ago and far away as I sit surrounded by my girls each and every day.  

Amy's six-month waiting period went by quickly and on October 31, 2012 her adoption was finalized.  Will we do it again?  I wouldn't be surprised...

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