Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hannah's Adoption Timeline

After two weeks of crazy moving fun, we are finally feeling a little more at home and settled.  My hope is to once again focus on those things that will help families considering adoption and the teachers who end up with those kids.

I frequently get asked about the length of our adoptions, how long it took for the process to run its course.  I know that every adoption looks different.  Adoptions are like snowflakes, no two look the same.  Each of the three that I've gone through have been unique, just like the kids involved in them.  I say all that to say, there is no set timeline.

Hannah was the quickest, in terms of moving in.  I went into the office to sign my paperwork after completing all the classes and requirements and Hannah's caseworker came in.  She was very nice and said she wanted to tell me about a couple of girls.  I asked her to pick the one who would have the hardest time getting placed and just tell me about her, otherwise I was going to end up with every girl she mentioned.  She picked Hannah.

I met Hannah soon after, maybe three weeks had passed.  It was July 21, 2006.  We did two pre-placement visits.  The first time her foster mom dropped her off.  The second time I met her halfway.  Both times she spent four days with me at my house.  A month after our first meeting Hannah moved in.  It was two days before school started, August 16, 2006.

Hannah was considered a foster-to-adopt case.  Her parent's rights hadn't been terminated, but were in process.  As she transitioned from her foster home to me, some crazy paperwork problem came up and delayed the process.  Her adoption was finalized a day shy of one year after meeting her, July 20, 2007.  From the moment I heard her name to the day it changed to match mine was 13 months.  She was the longest to get to the adoption day, but like all of them, well worth the wait.

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