Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our Instagram Day

I love Instagram.  I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned that before.  I may be addicted to it.  There's just something about a photo timeline.  I love it.

When we headed out of Texas in the early hours of Friday morning, Hannah and I decided to Instagram our trip progress.  

Note:  I love the earlybird filter on Instagram - it's my favorite!

We started early.  Very early.  That's 3:29 AM, people.  AM!

I didn't last long.  I pulled into a gas station at 6:30 AM and told my dad I couldn't continue.  I was just too tired and feared I would nod off.  His co-pilot came to the rescue and drove as I climbed into the backseat to snooze for a couple of hours.  I'm just not made for the early morning hours.

Did I mention we were traveling cross-country with two cats?

Meet the two unhappiest travelers, Colin and Elizabeth.  They started out in the crate, but eventually earned some time out for good behavior.

McDonald's breakfast is one of the best reasons to travel early.

We may have had McDonald's for lunch as well.  Maybe.

Leaving Texas was a bittersweet moment. 

We had a life in Texas.  Friends who treated us like family.  A home that we loved.  There was a lot we were leaving behind and as we crossed the state line into Arkansas we could feel what we were losing.  We still needed to journey on, but we did pause and thank God for all the blessing that Texas held for us over the past decade.  He has been so good to us.

Traveling requires an automobile.  An automobile requires gasoline.  Gasoline requires someone pump it.  

No one likes to pump gas in my family.  It's because of our crazy van.  It only allows you to put in a little at a time, so while others zip in and out of the gas station in five minutes, we're filling up for about fifteen.  It's not fun.  

A peek at the backseat.

These two were in close quarters, piles of stuff surrounded them.  They were troopers, never complaining about the mountains of bedding, pillows and general junk they had to spend 20 hours with that day.

Crossing the Mississippi River.

Hannah did the Instagramming while I did the driving (Is Instagramming a word?).  For this particular picture I asked her to snap a shot of the river.  We had a few attempts, but we ended up with a picture of the bridge.  Close enough.

Anyone who has ever traveled with my dad knows you will eventually end up at the rest area vending machines.  It's a tradition.

Every girl gets a couple of dollars (myself included!) and we pick a snack and a drink.  It adds a little bit of happiness to the long day in the car.  At this particular stop in Tennessee, the two older girls each picked gum.  I considered it a waste of a snack, but when we started climbing those hills and my ears started popping, I was eating my words and their gum!

Who doesn't love a large, painted, cement gorilla?  I know, no one!

What more could I say?  It was outside the last gas station of the first day.  At this point, my dad was pretending he didn't know us.  My girls had no problem finding their "act scared" faces.  I love that about them.

Day two of driving found Collin much more content in the car.  Maybe too content.

He's a big cat.  He completely stretched himself out.  At this point we were in Kentucky.  My mom had joined the caravan.  My dad and Ashley led the pack in the big moving truck.  Mom and Hannah were in the middle in my mom's car and Amy and I brought up the rear.  When Collin decided to nap on the dash I didn't want to be the only one to witness the occasion.  I quickly changed lanes and passed them all to show off his incredible balance.  It's the small things in life that make me smile.  I wanted to share that.

Our final picture.

A homecoming for me.  A new adventure for us all.  I love Ohio.  I'm comfortable here.  It's part of who I am.  I'll miss Texas, especially the people.  I miss them already.  Welcome to Ohio.  It's where we are now.  To those who follow us on Instagram, thanks for indulging us last week.  We enjoyed the journey.  We enjoyed documenting it.  And, as always, we enjoy sharing it with you!

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