Thursday, July 18, 2013

Step Aside Batman

In the adoption world there is a heated sort of debate going on. Opinions are strong. Voices are loud. Both sides are good.

Who are the players? Those who adopt domestically and those who adopt internationally.  

I adopted domestically. It was where God put me. I've never considered the other. But I would have if that's where He would have taken me.

The truth of the matter is:

Does it matter that mine are from here? No. Would I love them just as much if they'd have come from somewhere else? Sure would. Whether they are sitting in a foster home around the corner or an orphanage around the world, that individual child does not have a family of their own. That's a problem worth solving. No matter how far you have to travel to do it.

I refuse to sit in judgement of another family's decision.  

If you have the means to pull a baby who never gets held and has never seen the sunlight out of a crowded orphanage in another country, I celebrate with you. To that baby you have just become a superhero.  

If you've trekked on down to your local children's services office and adopted a ten year old who felt she would always be unwanted, I celebrate with you, too. You have superhero status as well.

Both of those children needed a home. That's what counts. That's what matters. Let's focus on that.

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