Monday, July 8, 2013

What Love Looks Like

If there is one thing I've learned since childhood, it's that love doesn't always look the same.  People show love different ways and I think all those ways are valid.  

My parents came up from Kentucky this weekend.  They came with two projects in mind, one for me and one for my brother's family.  

This was my brother's project...

This was mine...

My dad spent a whole lot of hours on both.  Both look amazing.  Mine still needs a coat of paint, but that's my part of the project.  The time and attention he lavished on both projects tells us how much he loves us.  The incredible patience he showed while dealing with eight little, eager helpers also shows love.  The new sander in my garage shows love, too.

That's how my dad loves, through serving others, always has, always will.  I hope I'm like that.  I hope I'm teaching my girls to be like that too.

So I'm off to apply some wood putty and to caulk some seams.  I love our new table for many, many reasons, but I love it most because my dad made it for me.

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