Monday, August 26, 2013

Something as Simple as a Coloring Book

Sometimes I get caught up in wanting to plan fun things for my kids.  There is so much out there to do and we do enjoy them.

But sometimes all it takes is an hour, a Hello Kitty coloring book and some crayons.

When was the last time you colored with your kids?  It's not something I overly did with Ashley or Hannah, but Amy loves it.  We'll sit in the sunroom on a Sunday afternoon.  

And she'll talk.  And talk.  And talk.

Coloring unleashes her words.  It's a beautiful thing.

She'll talk about things that make her laugh.  She'll talk about what things she's working to change.  She'll talk about life.  

And I color.  And listen.

It's a glimpse into the real Amy.  Something we don't get to see often, but we'd like to.  One day it's all we'll be able to see.  And that too, will be a beautiful thing.

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