Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Celebrating Along the Way

It might not sound like big news to you, but around here we were giving high fives and eating ice cream. 

What was the cause of the celebration?  A small success for Amy.  

Small successes are what we celebrate.  Life around here is full of them.  Sometimes they take some time to start rolling in.  Sometimes that wait feels like an eternity.  But when they finally come, well that's a glorious day.

It's a day when you get the truth the first time you ask.  Or when a small correction doesn't turn into a big deal.  Or when everyone is able to keep it together when plans change unexpectedly.  

Or even better, when responsibility is taken instead of excuses given.  That's probably my favorite.  That's the one we celebrated yesterday.  Eighteen months, but it finally happened.  It was a happy day.

It might seem like such a small victory for a year and a half worth of work, but it's not.  It's huge and monumental and breathtaking.  I'm not kidding.

What I saw yesterday in Amy was the beginning of the best part.  All the time and work and tears are about to come together in a beautiful way.  It's as if we've finally broken through the wall that she had built around her to keep out the hurt, pain and trauma of life.  We've only opened up a sliver, but we've gotten in and that's what counts.

Today a new journey begins.  Amy is shaking off old habits and forming new ones.  

Shaking off the excuses and forming responsibility.  
Shaking off the lies and forming honest answers.  
Shaking off the selfishness and forming compassion and consideration for others.

We still have a leg of the journey left.  We've not gotten to the peak just yet.  But we did stop for a moment yesterday to enjoy the view, to celebrate how far we've come.  To celebrate her.  

Today we're back to the climbing, but one day soon we'll make it to the top.

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