Monday, September 23, 2013


Hannah is a high school sophomore.  Where does the time go???

Geometry is the bane of her existence these days.  

She'll get through it.  It's just not something she enjoys.  It's unfortunate because she's always loved math.  It's one of her favorite subjects, second only to the hours she likes to spend in a great book.

It's a good exercise in perseverance.  It's a better exercise in contentment.

Does she have to enjoy everything?  Is it a requirement in life that everything be fun?

I don't think so.  It would be nice, but around here, it's just not the way things are.

Does that mean we should whine and complain when things are hard?  Should we make sure everyone knows we are unhappy and would rather not be doing whatever it is that we've been asked to do?

I don't think so.

I think Paul really meant it when he said, "Do all things without murmuring and disputings" (Philippians 2:14).

Um....  I may need some work on that.  And my kids might too.

It's easy not to complain when we are asked to do something we like or something easy.  But what about when we're asked to go out of our way, do something difficult, or do something that takes a long time?  How's our attitude then?

It's something to think about.  Because mine can sometimes stink.  Like passing roadkill on a hot Texas day.  Seriously, it can get really bad.

So Hannah and I have been working on it.  We've been practicing with Geometry.  It's no fun for her to learn.  It's no fun for me to teach.  But adjusting our attitudes can make a big difference.  Just because it isn't fun doesn't mean it has to affect our attitude.  

Instead of dreading it, we are choosing to be thankful for it (and wearing a zebra hat).  Thankful to have something in our lives to help us persevere, something to remind us to thank God for those things that challenge us and help make us more like Him.

And believe me, geometry is doing that.

So today we choose to thank Him for geometry.  That doesn't mean we can't look forward to the day we'll be thanking Him for next year's math.  Because we are.  A lot.

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