Friday, September 27, 2013

Joy in the Journey

Yesterday did not go as planned.  We started our day at my folks place in Kentucky.  At 9:30 AM we headed home.  The two hour drive took four.  It was that kind of day.

I-71 was a parking lot.  A semi-trailer caught fire a mile or so ahead of us.  No one was hurt. Traffic was completely stopped.  So we waited.  It didn't hurt us any.  We just enjoyed a little more time together in the car.

Speaking of the car...

I drive a blue minivan.  The picture above was taken from my mom's white car.  Where's my van?  At the shop.

The girls and I had made the trip to Kentucky the day before, on Wednesday.  Thirty miles from my parents house some indicator lights came on.  Then it started acting funny.  I called my dad.  We ended up driving it straight to the mechanic shop.  We coasted it in.  We couldn't have made it another few feet.  

The thing is, we hit a deer back in April.  It did a lot of damage.  We still have more sympathy for the deer than our vehicle.  Poor deer.  We continue to work out some issues in the car because of the impact.  Even all these months later.  But the deer still got the short end of the stick.  

But back to the past few days...

That's a lot of inconvenience over the course of 24 hours.  We could have gotten annoyed.  We could have whined and complained.  We could have snapped at each other and been angry over the unwanted change in plans. 

But we didn't choose that.  

We chose thankfulness.  Thankful that we made it to the garage without incident.  Thankful my folks were there to pick us up and drive us around.  Thankful we were able to spend a couple of extra  hours singing songs about Jesus and laughing with one another on the highway.  Thankful we still made it home in time for Hannah's piano lesson.

Thankful God kept us safe both coming and going.  Thankful.

Our day didn't look like we thought it would.  Many times it doesn't.  My adoption journey has taught me something when it comes to this.  It's taught me that my greatest gifts usually arrive in packages I wouldn't have chosen.  

I am so thankful when things are out of my hands.  Because I know the hands they are in.  

Thankful for the journey.  Both the daily one,  full of plans I wouldn't have made and the life journey, surrounded by children I wouldn't have had.  I'm so thankful I didn't cling tightly to what I thought I wanted, what I thought was best.  God's ways are higher and so much better.  My life couldn't be fuller or more satisfying than it is right now.

When we could have complained, we chose contentment.  When we could have become angry, we chose joy.  He taught us that.  Thankful.

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