Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Room to Breathe

The wildfire still raged.  Firefighters, law enforcement and volunteers were working around the clock to contain it.  

And there we were.  No house.  Very little stuff.  And lots and lots of time.

There was a lot of waiting and a lot to get done.  It was hard.  

After five days of staying with friends, Gregory from Arrow Child and Family Ministries called to check on us.  It wasn't the first time.  He had called earlier in the week as well.  He had asked if we had any immediate needs.  Earlier I had told him no, but this time there was something I needed more than anything:  Room to breathe.

He delivered.  Big time.

He gave us a weekend at a camp they own north of Houston.  It was everything our tired, worn-out bodies and emotions needed.  

We stayed in a house equipped to hold many.  There must have been at least ten bedrooms and ten bathrooms.  Maybe more.  The girls had a heyday picking out a room and playing Marco Polo in such a large place.

We went swimming.  We watched movies.  We played Uno.

And we slept.  And slept.  And slept.

The week had taken a toll on us and we had arrived at the camp depleted.

We left ready to face the world again.  

What that weekend did for us is hard to explain.  The busyness of the week before had taken us to our limit.  Surrounded by people we loved and who loved us back was wonderful, but a quiet moment to spend with my girls was a gift no one else could give me.

Arrow did.  

The following week Gregory came to see us.  He presented us with a check from Arrow and the dishes we eat supper on every night.

I don't know about other organizations.  I don't know if they live life with you.  I don't know if they continue to come to your aid even after you've signed the papers and walked out of the courtroom.  I don't know.

But I do know mine does.  

And that week when everything around us was closing in, they gave us room to breathe.  

Once again, thanks just doesn't seem like enough.

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