Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Two Peas In a Pod

These are my older two right now.  This very minute.

They are working together on a biology review.  Their seats at the table just couldn't get them close enough.  

I love that.

These two haven't always been the best of friends.  As I've said before, they started out rough.  You wouldn't know it to look at them now.

This is what time can do.  

If you have a new one that just joined your family, don't give up hope.  If it's hard now, it won't always be hard.  If you don't like her now, someday you will.  If you think that day will never come, I promise it will.  Seriously.  It will.

They don't have the same eyes or nose or hair color.  The blood that runs through Hannah's veins is not genetically linked to Ashley's.  People often question if they're sisters.  

Yes, they're sisters.  We usually have to say it twice.

We don't mind.  It's really no big deal.  No one is trying to be ugly.  People are just curious.

We answer all kinds of questions.  These two don't think anything of it.

They do everything together.  They spend every minute together.  They know each other better than they know anyone else.  

They help each other willingly, sacrificially, and without complaint.

Ashley may be a little bit better at that last part...

I couldn't have predicted how close they would be.  God brought them together.  I'm just so thankful I get to be a part of it.

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