Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Look at My Priorities

Lately I've been taking stock of how I spend my days. I've been looking to be intentional in all things, making choices about how I spend my time, rather than allowing it to slip away from me.

It made me reconsider my daily priorities.  Which led me to think about what's really most important.  Which led me to evaluate the activities of my day.  Which, in turn, led to a sticky pad list.  You know how much I love lists...

Do you know what made the top of my list?  


Yep.  It wasn't my kids education (learning is important), or keeping up with the house (we like a clean place to live).  It wasn't my work (an income is nice because we like to eat), or any other activity I could come up with.  

It was first and foremost my relationship with God and then it was the people He has surrounded me with and how I interact and treat them.  

Whoa.  I may have to switch a few things around.  People have not been making it to the top of my priority list lately.

What has this looked like in real life?  I mean, it's easy to say I'm going to re-prioritize, but am I actually doing anything different?

Actually, I am.

I'm no longer viewing interruptions to my day as inconvenient or unwanted. Instead, I'm taking it all in stride. So, we don't get a math lesson finished first thing in the morning.  We can fit it in later. Dinner ended up being deli sandwiches and chips. No big deal, I can cook the taco dinner tomorrow.  

These are not catastrophes. These are not even problems. These are just slight changes in plans. Plans I am not stuck on. Plans that can fall apart without me falling apart with them, because I've chosen to put people first.

Maybe a neighbor needs help raking leaves. Maybe a pregnant friend would appreciate not having to worry about dinner one night during her ninth month. Maybe one of my girls is having a rough day and just needs me to sit with her and cry a little bit.

I'm available.

Because those things are more important than my to-do list. Because those are the things that make life full and abundant. Because that's what matters, that stuff is important.

When my girls are grown do I want them rockin' some amazing to-do list skills, or would I rather have them alert and compassionate to the needs of others? It's important to be able to be diligent and get things done, but it doesn't always have to be about getting your own stuff done. Sometimes it's all about getting things done for others.

I could tell them our goal is putting others first, but I'm certain to make more of an impact if I show them.  

Relationships matter because people matter.  My kids, my family, my friends, my neighbors, even those I've never met. People matter. I want to live that out.

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