Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I'm All There

Yesterday I made a decision, I ended an era, I let go of a friend.  It was hard. I can hear her calling out to me, but I'm staying strong. At least I have for almost 24 hours now.

Who is it you ask?  

My favorite BFF.... Multitasking.

Oh how I miss her.

But she wasn't good for our family.  She was taking my attention away from what was most important.

My quiet time with God was suffering.

My relationships with my children were suffering.

My professional life was feeling the effects.

Even my housework could tell I wasn't giving it my all.

I was doing many things, but none of them well.  I'm not looking for quantity, people. I'm striving for quality.

So starting today... 

  1. My quiet time has a solitary purpose, to listen closely to the heart of God. Because I will be all there.
  2. My children will know that I am listening and that they are important. I will stop what I am doing and look them in the eyes every time they speak to me or I speak to them. Every time.  I'm not kidding. Because I will be all there.
  3. I will give the job before me my complete attention, whether it's working on a science review sheet with my high-schoolers, calling out my fifth grader's spelling words, making grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, playing a game of Uno on the family room floor, or writing tomorrow's blog post.  I will give each task 100% of my attention. Because I will be all there.

I will be thankful for each task, the large and the small, and give each one the time and care that it requires. Because all those tasks, no matter the size, add up to my life.

This is where my road to intentional living is taking me.  I want to do things on purpose, wholeheartedly and without regret.  That means giving the task in front of me my complete attention rather than trying to do many things at once. 

I want to get to the end of each day having spent my time well and on the things that mattered most.

I want to live on purpose.  And today that means, no matter what's in front of me, I'm all there.

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Becky Christensen said...

This is the third post I've read, and in backwards order. I think I'm going to have to go back to the beginning and read them in order. I can definitely appreciate your struggle with giving the task at hand your full attention. This is something God has been dealing with me about in regards to my quiet time in the mornings. There are so many things that SCREAM for my attention, bug it is SO worth shutting them out and sitting in that quiet place to hear that still small voice. I'm finding it getting easier, so keep after it, it will come. Miss you girl.

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