Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pinterest Craft For the Win

Around here, some days go south.  

Maybe that's not the case where you are. Maybe you are the family that has it all together and people always get along and everything always gets done.

If that's the case, you're going to want to avoid my family at all costs.

Because we may get some of our don't-have-it-all-togetherness on your have-it-all-togetherness. It could happen.

So this morning things headed a little south. Thankfully it didn't get too far before we were able to pull it back up again.

What did it take? A little talking things over and a Pinterest craft.  

Because everything is better with a Pinterest craft.  

I have three of the most wonderful children in all the world. I do. But sometimes feelings get hurt and apologies need to be made.

And sometimes, someone is stubborn. I'm sure that never happens at your house.

It does here.

That's exactly what happened this morning. Words that didn't need to be said were said. Feelings were hurt. Stubbornness ensued.

She knew she needed to apologize, but pride stepped in. They get that from their mother. Don't be like me.

So what do you do when someone's pride is preventing reconciliation?  

You make a craft, of course!

This one.

And then someone smiles and a little icy patch is melted.

You may be thinking that those who are at fault should be the one to extend the first hand. We don't keep track of that around here. We do our part to keep short accounts with each other, to ward off bitterness and to be a blessing even if it costs us something.

What did it cost me? A clothespin and five minutes. 

What did it get me? An apology, a hug and mended fences.

Worth any cost every time.


Jess said...

Your post brought tears today. We are also a don't-have-it-all-together kinda family. And today was one of "those days". Ugly words and actions happened and consequences were put in place. Pretty tough consequences that had mom struggling to follow through and a teary boy. It broke my heart as much as his, but he was very repentant and now has a fresh reminder of how he needs to improve his attitude. Thanks for the reminder that sometimes it is the simple things that make all the difference!

A House Called Home said...

I think we learn the most on our toughest days! Here's to smooth sailing tomorrow!

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