Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This Table

This table. Why have I fallen so madly in love with this table?

Because at this table everyone belongs.

Because at this table everyone has a place.

Because at this table we live life together. Every single day.

And my dad made it for us.  

Did I mention that I love this table?

For those of you interested in the "how-to" of making the table, we used this as a starting point and went from there.  

Here it is in a nutshell...

I primed the eleven 1X12X10 boards.

Dad cut the wood down to size and started building.

He built the frames for the six sets of cubbies first.

Then, he added the tops and bottom boards,  connecting two sets of cubbies.

Next, came the two shelves between the sets of cubbies, as well as the shelves inside the cubbies.

We placed them in the school room and adjusted the distance between them to give us the most room but still allow for the tabletop.

Next, he built a frame for the tabletop to sit on.

He added the top and then he was done.  But I wasn't. 

I sanded...

filled in the holes...

attempted to caulk the seams...

And painted.


It was finished and we were beyond excited.

Especially Collin.

Man, we love this table.

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