Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Grace for My Memory

It's been over seven years ago since I met this kid.

In the beginning, she was hard on me.  I'm so thankful, because I learned more about myself during those hard days than I did about her.

I learned that I was broken.  I didn't know that before she moved in.  I know it now.

Sometimes looking back can be painful.  It's no fun to remember the times I have fallen, but at the same time I think there is value in seeing how far God has brought me.  

Today I am not who I was then.  Thankfully.

It's been only by God's grace, His faithfulness and His overwhelming love that I have moved from who I was to who I am now.

I still have a ways to go.  I'm nowhere close to where I should be, but, thankfully, I'm closer than I used to be.

When Hannah and I look back on who we were seven years ago, we could focus on what we did wrong (and there was plenty), but instead, we choose to give ourselves a little bit of grace in this area.  

Grace to smile at the molehills I made into mountains.

Because there were lots of those.

Grace.  I'm so thankful for it.

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