Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mornings Are Not Her Thing

Hannah is not a morning person.  At all. 

She is an afternoon person and a night owl, but mornings just aren't her thing. But mornings had to be conquered and we found a few things that have helped her turn from a grumpy oatmeal eater to a pleasant breakfast companion.

Tip #1:  Let her and her alarm clock become BFF's.

I found that if I was the one to wake her, then I was the one to bear the brunt of her grouchiness. No fun in that. So now she can blame the non-caring beep...beep...beep for interrupting her much loved sleep. Plus, she picks her own wake up time. I just tell her what time I need her to be ready for the day and she makes the rest happen. If she's late, then she gets up a little earlier the next morning.

Tip #2:  Have her set up a routine that doesn't require mom's input.

Hannah gets up and does the same thing every morning. She doesn't need me to do anything to move from sleeping bear to a functioning member of the family. The less she has to interact during her morning routine the smoother it goes. And smooth is good. If there is a slight change in schedule or if something will be different, we discuss it the night before, so no one is caught off guard. Off guard is not good.

Tip #3:  Consider moving shower time from evening to morning.

This one might seem a little backward. Wouldn't having less to do in the morning be a help? Not around here. Taking her shower in the morning helps Hannah wake up and move through her morning routine refreshed. There's less dragging around and more getting things done. The shower is her first stop. We are all very thankful for that.

These three small changes have revolutionized Hannah's mornings. It still isn't her favorite part of the day, but at least they are getting along better now than they used to. And that's good. It's very good.

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