Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Tree is Up

I've written before about our love of Christmas and our Christmas tree.

We waited as long as we could. Which equated to last Monday.

Our holidays have officially begun.

Tree decorating is a big deal around here. It's less of an activity and more of an event.

It takes the whole day. Well, most of it anyway.

It involves Christmas music, snack foods, hot chocolate and Christmas movies.

And a tree.

On decorating day we serve snacks for lunch and leftover snacks for dinner. We buy all the snacky things that we normally don't buy.

This year's menu was shrimp, pizza rolls, pretzel bites, mini corn dogs and nachos. The girls loved it and it's only once a year so I can't imagine it can do all that much harm.

Our tree is an artificial one. We considered a live one this year but we would have had to wait a few more weeks to get it. We just couldn't wait. We just couldn't.

Up went our tree. As a side note, putting up an artificial tree with older kids is amazingly easy. I didn't have to fluff one branch. They did it all. I only stepped in to help with the lights and ribbon. They did an amazing job.

Each girl has her own special box of ornaments that she adds to the tree. Every year I give each one an ornament that symbolizes something about that year.

Like this one the year Ashley learned to crochet...

Or this one the year Hannah fell in love with reading...

Here's Amy's from last year, reminding us of our last Christmas spent in Texas...

These ornaments make putting up the tree a walk down memory lane. If there's one thing I wish I would have grabbed as we evacuated for the wildfire that took our house, it's the special box of ornaments. But hindsight is 20/20.

We've started new boxes and new memories. And those ornaments fill our tree just fine.

We love tree decorating day. Especially Collin.

The tree went up, snacks were eaten, movies were watched. A day well spent. Together.

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