Monday, December 9, 2013

A Must-Read

Today I read this.

There is so much truth packed into that article that it took me several readings to take it all in.

The best and worst part for me came at the end, when she finished with an action step.


Action steps are hard for me to ignore. Believe me, I've tried. Action steps tell me there is something I need to do, and they're right. I do need to do something.

If I've nodded in agreement through every word of the article, it's hard to bypass the last paragraph. The paragraph that tells me there's a step I can take to get better.

What is the action step?

It's this...
And put what He shows you into action. Slide away from the screen, pad your way down the hall to her bedroom, and wrap your arms around her, tight. Ask Him on the way “How do You see her?” and tell her what He shows you. Make it a habit: hug her as many times as you feed her. Give her His words about her, not just your observations. Let them become her true food. (source)
Powerful stuff. Honest stuff. Life changing stuff.

She's gone to bed for the night. Starting tomorrow this is my goal. If I do nothing else, my youngest will know that I love her in both words and actions. She will feel my arms around her at least as many times as we sit down for a meal. I will listen intently as God describes her and will relay His message to her without adding my own commentary.

Tomorrow I will strive to see her through His eyes.

Because that's who she really is.

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