Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our Advent Calendar

These socks are more than just socks.

They're our Advent calendar and each year we fill them with Christmas activities.

We've tried other types of calendars and to be honest, we usually forgot about them and ended up opening them a week at a time.

But no more.

Since moving to our sock calendar, there is no forgetting because every morning the girls are falling all over each other reminding me it's time to "open the sock."

Why more excitement over this calendar? Because everyday the calendar gives us something to do together.

Day 1...

Christmas card picture? Check.

Just kidding. This is just an outtake. No crazy faces this year. I promise.

Day 2...

My mom started this tradition. When I was growing up, my mom didn't use gift tags. Instead, she picked out a different wrapping paper for each of us and wrapped all of our gifts in our special paper. On Monday the girls and I made our way to Hobby Lobby to pick out their wrapping paper.

Here were the winners...

Day 3...

Day 3 was ordering sibling gifts. Every year the girls pick out a small gift for each other. We give ourselves a theme.  This year's was books and music. Last year was craft supplies. I sat down with each of them individually yesterday and let them order a gift for their sisters.

Not every day has to be complicated (Make a Christmas ornament) or time consuming (Go see a Christmas play). Some days, like today, are simple (Drink hot chocolate).

Click here to download a copy of our 2013 Advent Calendar activities:

This year I glued the activities to colored paper (orange/Hannah, red/Ashley and purple/Amy). Each one has eight activities they get to open and read. Last year we tried to remember who opened the day before and whose turn it was, but we weren't any good at it. This year I fixed our problem by assigning each girl a color. It's a beautiful system.

Happy Advent!

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