Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Play Games

In the movie "Mary Poppins," when the kids are advertising for a nanny, they ask that she "play games, all sorts."

Because kids like to play games.

I'm not really a game playing person. Never have been. I didn't grow up in a game playing family.

But I'm learning to embrace it, for my kids.

One of last week's Advent activities was playing games together.

So I did what any non-game playing mom would do. I went to the store and bought games I thought looked the most fun to me.

Sometimes it's not all about the kids, people.

I wrapped them up and put them under the tree. Each girl opened one and we played all afternoon.

We played Jenga....

Family Trivial Pursuit...

and Headbanz.

It was fun.

Sometimes I have to step out of my comfort zone to connect with my kids. They love playing games. I love that they enjoy playing together, but I also love that they like me to play too.

I need to say yes to them more often when they ask me to play. It's easy to find other things to do. There's always something waiting in the wings that needs my attention. But gathering around the table, playing and laughing together is important too.

It's most important for the new one at the table. The one who has never been part of a family that laughs and plays together. The one who doesn't know how to be a good sport or to play fair. The one who struggles to find happiness in the game and not just in the winning.

Family game time can teach all that in ways that just talking about it can't.

Playing games may not be one of my favorite things, but that's okay, because my kids make it worth every minute of my time.

When's the last time you gathered your family around the table for a game?  Maybe tonight you can make that happen.

It's worth your time.

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