Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A New Calendar for a New Year

It's no secret we like crafty things.

And birds.

I'm about to tie those two together. Really. I am.

With this...

It's our new calendar system for 2014. And there are many reasons we are in love with it.

First, they're library cards, and for the caliber of book readers that live in my house, this was the biggest selling point of the whole system.

Secondly, there is washi tape involved. It's one of my love languages. I'm not kidding.

Lastly, it reminds us to plan together. We like to sit down at the end of the day and talk about what's happening tomorrow. We also like to look forward to the big events of the month like birthdays or special trips.

And, yes, I bought an old school library stamp. I couldn't resist.

Oh, about the birds.

They run into our kitchen window and die if we don't have something up. When the sock advent calendar came down, we knew we needed to have something there to tell the birds, "Hello, I'm a window."

Because we love birds. And crafty things.

Side note: I don't love birds in the sense that I want to be in close proximity to birds. My love for birds is more of a general love for God's creatures outside my window. Not in my house or near my person. I just don't want to see them dead on the back deck. Hope that clarifies.

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