Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bigger Than Band-Aids

Hannah is allergic to band-aid adhesive.

Up until yesterday that has been our biggest medical issue.

Up until yesterday.

Abnormal blood results? What does that mean exactly? Why can't I get more information?

That's all I have until Thursday when we see a specialist at Children's Hospital.

But it's not all I have. It's no where close to all I have.

Because I have Jesus. Right here. Right now. Even in the midst of this.

He knows what Thursday will bring and until then I will trust and rest in Him.

The verse I prayed for my friend yesterday, I pray for us today. Because He is our refuge. Because He is very present.

Normal doesn't feel right today, so at lunch time I declared our school day over, ordered some pizza and snuggled on the couch with my girls for an afternoon of movies.

Because I don't know what Thursday will look like, but today I will breath in every inch of life, every inch of my girls.

Because Thursday might be bigger than band-aid adhesive.

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