Monday, January 20, 2014

Rest, Doctors and Gunsmoke

We've been battling sickness for weeks now.

As soon as someone else felt better, another one went down.

There's been a lot of sleeping.

There's been a lot of doctor visits.

There's been a lot of video watching. (I would insert a picture of us watching a video on the couch, but I must not take pictures while fully engrossed in a episode of Gunsmoke. I might miss something.)

But as of today, we're all feeling pretty good.

Those days of sickness serve a purpose here. They remind us to be thankful, not only for the days we feel well, but also for the days we have to slow down and take a break.

Because spending a little time in the slow lane isn't a bad thing.

It kept us home more, serving the ones who were under the weather. And serving one another is something we need to do more of.

I found myself cleaning out the litter box. Hadn't done that chore in a long time. It made me thankful for the two girls that do it daily without complaint. Unloading the dishwasher was another job I'm not usually involved in. Thankful for the work of that girl too. There were lots of little jobs I completed around the house during the last few weeks that I don't normally do anymore.

It made me thankful for those that do them.

We're all on the road to recovery this week. We've all resumed our regularly scheduled jobs. But each one of us has a little more appreciation for the others and the work load that is a lot lighter when everyone is doing their part.

Thankful for the work and thankful for the hands that help me get it all done. I'm glad we're all back at it.

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