Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Seems a Little Crazy

It's 7 degrees here. Snow covers the ground and driveway and deck and everything, several inches of it.

And we're in swim suits.

Not kidding.

Today is our January adventure. Remember this?

This is today. We are very excited.

This year our theme is togetherness. We are striving to make memories. Together.

We've been looking forward to this since the girls opened the surprise on Christmas morning.

I'm thankful I went light on the Christmas gifts this year.  Just a few small things for each of them, because now, as we head out to the water park, we get a little bit of Christmas back. Each month we get a little bit of it back.

Our first adventure is here and we're on our way.

It still feels very strange to be in a swim suit, with a hat on, and gloves.

We've always teetered on the edge of insanity. Just ask around.

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