Monday, January 13, 2014

Welcome News

I would like this picture to be one of a kind. No more of these, okay girls?

There's just something about seeing your child in a hospital gown, connected to machines, playing I SPY. Something unnerving, uneasy, uncomfortable.

Blood tests, EKGs, other stuff I can't pronounce.

Last week was a struggle.

But that was last week.

We are so thankful. The news came Thursday afternoon. Amy's tests came back clear. So thankful. God was very present.

But there's still something.

Something that sent us to the emergency room on Tuesday night and to a specialist on Thursday. We just don't know what it is.

However, we know what it isn't. And that's welcome news.

This week we can breathe a little easier, be a little more normal, slide more comfortably into our routine.

Because right now, normal never sounded so good.

I'm just glad to have her out of that gown, back into her own clothes and sitting next to me at the table.

And Hannah's allergy to band aid adhesive is still in the lead.

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