Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter Driving and Why I'm Not Good At It

Yesterday we got caught out in the weather. Unexpected weather. No fun to drive in weather.

I've lost my ability to drive in the snow. Completely.

My motto is that of the tortoise, "Slow and steady wins the race."

So, slow and steady we travelled for two and a half hours.

We had picked up my sister-in-law and headed out to the Amish market. It was a clear, winter morning. No snow in sight.

We stopped to have lunch.

That's when things took a turn.

We weren't in the restaurant that long, but in that time the snow came. And kept coming. We headed out, entered the highway ramp and traveled many miles at thirty miles an hour. We passed four accidents in the first ten minutes.

No fun. Where were my sunny days, mild temperatures and dry roads?

They were back in Texas...

Where was I? Sliding around in southwest Ohio. Our temperatures do not look that pretty.

I don't like sliding. At one point I was trying to turn right. The turn lane had not been plowed.

I slid and crossed over the other lane of traffic. God took over. Not only did we make it across without hitting anyone, we ended up in a driveway rather than the ditch.

I cannot explain that. Only He can. We were so thankful.

I hate to slide. I never know which way to steer and whether or not to brake. The car is moving without me and I have no control.

I hate to lose control. In the car and in life.

Everyday God orchestrates our lives and protects us from things we don't even know are there. If I really think about it, there is little I can actually control. My health, my children, my circumstances are all in His hands.

I'm so glad.

He did a much better job steering us out of the mess I had put us in than I could have ever done.

Isn't that always the case? It is around here.

As we pulled out of that driveway, made our turn and headed slowly home, we were thankful for His safety.

We were also pretty thankful when we pulled into the garage.

I'm considering hibernation for the rest of the season. Hannah would do well.

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