Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our Day in Mt. Vernon

Mt. Vernon, Kentucky.

I had never heard of this little Kentucky town, until yesterday. The girls and I were heading home from our week in Eastern Tennessee.  We had a wonderful time. We stopped for a bathroom break and to grab a little lunch at the McDonalds in Mt. Vernon.

It was as far as our faithful van would take us that day.

We had gotten our food to go, hopped back into the van and turned the key. Nothing happened. We hopped back out the van. McDonalds has wifi, so we trudged back in and looked up some help. The first place I called set in motion the help we needed.

I explained the predicament we were in, the lady who answered the phone took our problem on as her own. Her shop couldn't help us, but she would make some calls. Ten minutes later a tow truck showed up. He hooked up the car and took us with him to the shop.

The mechanics were on a mission to get us back on the road without needing a hotel. They found a starter and went to get it. They stayed until it was done. They were a blessing to us.

What did we do in the meantime?

Hannah had befriended a couple at McDonalds while the tow truck driver was hooking up the van. They tracked us down at the mechanic shop and took us home to feed us dinner.

Mt. Vernon, Kentucky taught us a thing or two.

It taught us to help carry another's burden.

It taught us to look for ways to serve.

It taught us to live our love for others out in the open.

Because that's what the people of that small town did for us.

Thank you, Mt. Vernon, Kentucky.

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