Monday, March 3, 2014

Taking a Break

Sometimes the days get long. Really long. So long I need a break.

Not from the kids. From the routine.

So Thursday we loaded up the van and headed south to the hills of Tennessee.

Sure is nice down here. And warm.

We're having a great time.

We had planned to head home Sunday, but the crazy, never-ending winter weather is keeping us down here for two more days.

For once a snow storm I can appreciate.

Why the break? Why the spur-of-the-moment vacation?

Because sometimes the adoption journey is so hard everyone needs to stop and regroup.

We did.

Not one single school book made the trip. No notebook paper or pencils, no chores or responsibilities. Just me and my three girls.

We visited some second cousins in Southern Kentucky....

We stayed a night in the Smoky Mountains...

And now we are finding things to do in Knoxville, Tennessee...

But mostly we are just breathing in and out, taking the days slowly and reminding ourselves what a gift our little family of four really is.

Sometimes we have to step back from it all in order to gain some perspective. Sometimes we need to get away from the routine in order to hear what God's been trying to tell us. Sometimes a new environment helps remind us to look around, rather than constantly focusing our attention on what's right in front of us.

That's what we needed this week, perspective, guidance and a different point of view.

We found all three.

And had a lot of fun in the process.

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