Thursday, April 3, 2014


Remember this post? In it I mentioned how our theme this year was togetherness.

Let's just say, we are hitting the mark. Times a million.

During the past month we have visited the Smoky Mountains...

photographed the St. Louis Arch...

browsed the Wal-Mart museum in Arkansas...

and moved from the midwest back to Texas...

Togetherness? Yes, we've had some of that.

Do we handle that togetherness perfectly? No. Sometimes we fuss. Sometimes feelings get hurt. Sometimes people need naps.

Like me. Right now.

Spending the last 36 days in close proximity to my three children has taught me a lot.

Car rides. Hotel rooms. Packing up the house.

That's a whole lot of tight spaces.

But as we enter the final stages of this journey, one thing stands out above everything else:

I like my kids and I wouldn't have wanted to be stuck in those tight spaces with anyone else.

It's true.

In the midst of the cramped quarters, long hours in the van, and living out of a suitcase we banded together on a journey for just the four of us. We were in it together. We were a team.

And I have a really good team.

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