Tuesday, May 20, 2014

All Hands on Deck

Laundry. It's a necessary evil. It's not my favorite job.

But I like clean clothes.

So we do laundry.

In order to bring about some camaraderie among the troops, we've started doing things a little different.

We like to call it, "all hands on deck."

Ashley is the laundry chief. She puts the loads in, switches them over and takes them out.

That's when the rest of us join in on the action.

Instead of one person doing the folding job, we all fold together.

It only takes four minutes, but those four minutes are making us closer.

During that time we stand around my bed laying out clothes, folding towels, and tossing each other's things around to the different piles.

And we talk. And laugh.

Mostly laugh.

Does it take four people to do a load of laundry? No, the job would get done just as well by one, but we would miss a golden opportunity every day. We would miss the opportunity to laugh and work and build relationships.

Especially with the newest one.

Are there jobs in your house that could be done as a team?
...unloading the dishwasher
...taking care of the yard
...getting the trashcans to the road on garbage day

It might be faster with less hassle to assign one person to the task, or even do it yourself, but resist the urge to be efficient when there's a relationship building moment available.

Take the time to call all hands on deck.

It just may be the best four minutes of your day.

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