Thursday, May 8, 2014

And Then There Were Two

I remember when Ashley first came. I remember Hannah's struggle to share.

Up until that point it had just been Hannah. She picked out the toys, the music, the activity, the everything.

When there was a choice, it was hers.

And then there were two.

And Hannah's choices were cut in half. There was somebody new in town. Someone she had to consider.

Someone who wasn't considering her one bit.

And Hannah struggled.

One unexpected internal battle I faced with Ashley was the way she was treating Hannah. By this time Hannah and I had become a team and our newest member was not doing her part.

She was taking without giving.

She was demanding without asking.

She was hard to like and hard to be around and she was stressing out my eleven-year-old with the way she was treating things.

Looking back I can remember the struggle, but I don't feel it anymore. Now Ashley plays on our team willingly. Her loyalty is boundless.

Hold tight to the ones who came before, but be sure you've got a grasp on the new one at the same time.

I remember telling Hannah that one day she wouldn't be able to remember life without Ashley and that she'd be glad.

I remember telling Ashley that one day she wouldn't be able to imagine being anywhere else and that she'd be glad.

Today both of those statements are true facts.

So thankful we all stuck out the hard parts, because there were lots of those.

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