Thursday, May 22, 2014

Maybe They Will

The older girls and I have been talking a lot about the future.

They have lots of dreams, lots of avenues God could take them down, and they're excited about the places they'll go.

But in the midst of the talk of schools and marriage and traveling they both said they want to adopt children who need homes.

It's almost like when your eight year old tells you she wants to be a teacher because you're a teacher.

Maybe one day God will call them to adoption. Maybe He won't.

Either way, I love that they see the need. I love that they want to fill that need. I love that they are looking beyond themselves as they look toward their horizons.

Because years ago, when they couldn't see past what they wanted today, doing something so big and hard for someone else seemed impossible.

I'll be happy to watch my girls follow Jesus wherever He leads them. Maybe they won't find themselves on an adoption journey.

But Maybe they will.

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