Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lincoln Log Houses

If you've ever colored a picture with a two-year old...

If you've ever played 87 games of Uno at one sitting...

If you've ever built anything with Legos, I mean anything...

I applaud you.

I'm working on this right now. This summer it's one of my goals.

So today you might find me browsing crochet books with Ashley, talking music with Hannah, or building Lincoln Log buildings for Amy's 4,223 Littlest Pet Shop friends.

It's not easy for me to stop what I'm doing to give them my undivided attention. It's not. It takes effort to shut down the computer, step out of the kitchen, or take a break from the to-do list.

And besides, crochet, music and Lincoln Logs have never really been my thing.

But you know what is my thing? Them.

So it's not about the activities they choose. It's about the time I get to spend with them.

Listening to their voices.

Watching their mannerisms.

Sitting next to them.

Because that time is zipping by me quickly and I don't want to miss the opportunity I have in front of me today.

Those opportunities are limited. They won't be mine forever.

Thankfully, they are today.

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