Thursday, June 5, 2014

Remembering To Do It Again

My older two girls are very close in age, only 13 months apart. They were ten and eleven when they became sisters.

We went to parks and rode trains and colored pictures together.

And they grew.

They were 14 and 15 when Amy came two years ago. Parks and coloring pages had gone by the wayside.

They have hobbies and interests and can fill their own time. They like to sit and chat for hours. They discuss books and books and more books.

But what about Amy? She still likes slides and swings and crayons.

Here's where I've dropped the ball.

I have a tendency to cater to the older two when I really should be letting Amy be little.

There are some reasons this can be tough.

After all, her behavior isn't always top notch. Sometimes plans have to be cancelled or she has to sit out because of poor choices.

It's hard to plan things specifically for her if I'm unsure she's even going to be able to participate.

But I should still do it, because sometimes she does rise to the occasion.

It's hard to step back to a different season after your older kids have moved past it, but I will. I'll remember that she needs to visit the children's museums and make the play doh and paint in the kitchen just as much as the other two did. It's important and she's worth it.

So this summer we'll be visiting our local parks, riding the train and coloring some pictures. Because six years ago I did those things for my other two.

This year I'll do it for Amy.

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