Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Christmas Update

It's July. No better time to talk about Christmas.

That's just how things work in my world.

Last year we went a different route when it came to Christmas. Instead of buying gifts, we picked twelve activities (one per month) to do together. So on Christmas morning they opened a few little things and then found this letter.

And the adventure began.

Great Wolf Lodge was a blast. We had such a great time. I wrote about it here.

But then I stopped updating. So I'm about to set all that straight.

At the end of February we set off for the Tennessee Smokey Mountains. It was the first time any of my girls had seen a mountain range. They soaked up every minute of it. We loved the people and loved the area. I could live in East Tennessee.

In March, we made a cross-country move back to Texas. There were several hotel stops which means, several pools. Looks like someone is about to get kicked off the family synchronized swimming team.

April found us at the beach. With jellyfish. So I stayed out of the water.

And in May we visited the Blue Bell Creamery.

June's adventure was a backyard campout. Complete with us trying to figure out how to set up a tent. We were eventually successful.

We've had to change up the list a little. The adventures I had originally planned were all in Ohio. That's okay, though, We've made due.

Because the important part is that we're spending time together. That really was the point anyway. Where we are doesn't matter nearly as much as who we're with.

We're together. That's what counts.

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