Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Plastic Wrap Parenting

Plastic wrap. You know the thin plastic that comes in a roll supposedly designed to cover leftover dishes.

That stuff.

It's my archenemy. It is.

I can never find where it starts. I have never successfully used the metal, serrated edge to cut it right. I cannot get it to stick to anything, not even itself like it's supposed to.

It always ends up in a big, wasted ball of nothing.

When it comes to plastic wrap, I am a failure.

In the beginning of my adoption journey my parenting style looked a lot like plastic wrap.

Nothing was working like it was supposed to and I started feeling like I was going to end up with a big, wasted ball of nothing.

But then I started thinking about something. I started thinking about how our family was built differently. We didn't get to start at the beginning like most others do. We changed horses midstream. It was difficult and challenging on a million levels.

I think I may have just compared myself to a horse...

Moving on.

So maybe what works for others wasn't going to work for us. Maybe we were always going to be a little different. Maybe different isn't a bad thing.

Maybe different is amazing.

It is around here. And I'm thankful. Normal is overrated. Holding tight to a hard-to-love kid, watching God change hearts, turning a challenge into a victory, these are not run-of-the-mill, everyday things. They are rare and amazing and I have a front row seat.

I don't know when different became the enemy. I don't know when it no longer became okay to blaze your own trail. I must have been absent the day they said all families had to look and act the same.

It could have been the day I set out with a weed-whacker in my own backyard.

Glad I missed that class, because around here we embrace different. Blending in has never really come naturally to us. Our little family represents four different biological beginnings and three different ethnicities. We didn't have to try for different, we are different. We just are.

And I love that about us.

I may look a hot mess to those on the outside looking in, but the view from the inside is nothing short of amazing. My parenting style probably doesn't look like yours. I may seem a little over-the-top to some people. That's okay. We can be different. I think it's even a good thing.

I may never get the hang of this plastic wrap stuff, but that's okay. Rubbermaid containers are more my speed anyway.

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