Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Tangles

If you're a mom, you're no stranger to untangling stuff.

Untangling hair
Untangling shoelaces
Untangling necklaces
Untangling drawstrings
Untangling fishing lines
Untangling yo-yos

The list goes on. There's a lot of tangled messes around here.

My youngest brings me a shoe. She's tried to untangle the laces herself, but all she's managed to do is pull the strings into the tightest little knot possible.

What do I do?

I spend the next ten minutes with a fork and a pair of needle-nose pliers trying to untangle it.

I'm a mom. You're a mom. It's what we do.

Often I tangle myself up into my own kind of knots. I try and try to fix them, but like my little girl and her shoelace, I end up with a bigger mess than I started with.

Just as my girl brings me her shoe, I bring God my mess. I hold it up to Him. He takes it from me and lovingly works out the knots. He's a master at it. Truth be told, I've given Him quite a bit of practice.

I couldn't handle the tangles, but He could. I made the mess, but He didn't leave me in it. I'm so thankful.

Left on my own, I'd have a mess on my hands, but if I stay close to Him and seek His help, He smooths out the rough spots and untangles the knots of my life.

I try to do the same for my girls. I try to do it with the same amount of love and patience He shows me.

Somedays I'm better at it than others.

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