Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jesus Changes Everything

I fight and I scrape and I battle my way into her little heart.

It takes everything in me.

I override my emotions that say just give up.

I override my thinking that says it will never happen.

I override my pride that says it's not worth it.

I am exhausted and bloody and bruised and I've done a lot of it all wrong.

And then one day life turns on a dime and this little girl who was lost is now found.

Because of His faithfulness, not mine. Because on the hard days I leaned on His strength and His comfort and His promises.

He was the one who could see how this was all going to play out. In the midst of the battle I couldn't see past myself. I needed to look up to Him more often than I did.

But He was still faithful.

Jesus changes everything. I'm so thankful that He does.

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