Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Birthdays, Braces and Starting School

We pack our birthdays into one small corner of the year around here.  After all, why would we want to have nice leisurely celebrations well-spaced throughout the year?  Not us.  Not when we can cram all four into a five week period in the spring.

We are almost through birthday season, three down, one to go.  We hit a few milestones this year.  Hannah turned 18 last week and Amy became a teenager.  The new one hit double digits. It goes by fast.  Looking back it feels too fast, but at the time it seemed slow.  Strange how that works.

Ashley had her own big day.  A few weeks ago her braces went on.  She was excited.  Now she's a little more undecided.

The new one started school last Friday.  The house is pretty quiet during the day.  It's less quiet in the evenings.  She hits that door full force every afternoon.  She does everything fast and with gusto.

So we've settled in again.  The newness wears off.  The transition has been made.

It all seems ordinary now.  She's been with us a little over a month.  We've never transitioned so smoothly before. Hannah took me months, maybe even years.  Ashley was just about the same.  The last two have been faster.  The newest one, super quick.

Maybe it's the sheer number of times we've done this.  Maybe it's my age.  Maybe it's because transitioning to a new member has become a way of life.

Whatever it is, we're thankful.  Thankful that she's here and lively and ours.

Even on the hard days, and there have been some hard days.  The smooth transition doesn't mean it hasn't been hard.  It just means the hard hasn't camped out and stolen our hope.

We've seen God change hearts.  We know Him.  We know what He can do.

I'm pretty sure that's what makes the difference.

Birthday number four is around the corner.  It's Ashley's 17th.  It's a strange place I find myself.  Two young adults that help me in so many ways and a new one just learning the ropes. Everyday is full, full to overflowing.

I'm so thankful.

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