Thursday, December 17, 2015

What Christmas Looks Like Now

I just wrapped this present...

It says a lot about me these days.  There was a time when this would have put me over the edge.

I love wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby.  It is the top of the line in wrapping papers.

This is not it.

This is the thinnest paper that has ever been made.  It has to be.  I ripped it in seven spots trying to wrap this one box.

And I'm out of transparent tape, so I used some purple that the girls had in their craft supplies.

This is top-notch decorating at its best.

And the number 18 written on it?  That helps me keep my sanity in a house full of really good guessers.  You see, It's harder to guess what's inside when you don't know who it's for.  No name on our presents, only numbers.  I'm the only one with the key. If you have good guessers at home, you're welcome.

It's not the best quality paper. The tape doesn't even match. Ten years ago this would never have made the cut under my tree.

Now this is one of the better ones.

I can't even really remember what Christmas was like before I had kids, but I do know that I could wrap a mean present.  Only the best in paper and bows and gift tags made the cut.  They would have been color coordinated and I'm sure glitter would have been involved.

Now my kids don't even know what gift tags are.  You mean you don't just write on the gift with a Sharpie?

We've come a long way.

Sometimes, when I look at my Christmas tree, I laugh to myself.  It's lopsided, held together by wire and surrounded by some of the craziest looking packages around.

And I love everything about it.

Merry Christmas from the Sulfridges

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